Past or Future, Where Does Hope Reside?

Critical Race Theory isn’t a theory, in my opinion. If it were,  each premise would consistently lead to the described result.

Marijuana Legalization Causes Many Police Agencies To Retire K-9 Units

Asking dogs to follow their noses won’t work anymore in states that have legalized marijuana. Police dogs are being forced into retirement.

Homeowner’s Trophy Attracts Curious Mountain Lion

Taxidermy trophy heads mounted on the interior walls of a California home attracted a hungry intruder, police say.

The Real Reasons Why Idaho Plans To Kill 90% of Its Wolf Population

Idaho has just passed legislation allowing the killing of wolves by any means necessary, resulting in about a 90% loss in population. 

No Mask Lunatic Attacks Flight Attendant, Knocks Out Two Teeth

A flight attendants union is pleading for more travel safeguards after an attack against a crew member on a Southwest flight.

America: A Domestic Horror Show and Gothic Theater of the Absurd

Anyone with a tv or radio or cellphone or who reads newspapers knows that today is the anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

Why An Englishman Doesn’t Think Israel Is the Bad Guy

There have been protests in London in support of Gaza and Hamas. There have been protests against Israel, and they are ongoing.

A Sunday Morning Cartoon

How has the awful Matt Gaetz survived this long?

CNN Finally Dumps the Awful Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum’s interpretation of history has cost him a job, finally. CNN has sent the senior political commentator down the road.

Trump DOJ Secretly Obtains Records of CNN Reporter and Network Wants To Know Why

CNN says it wants the Justice Department to explain why it secretly obtained the phone and email records of one of its journalists.

Boebert: Texas Had No Covid Deaths Since Mask Requirement Rescinded—She Lied

Unbalanced Boebert of Colorado and other equally unbalanced Republicans are rebelling against the Congress mask requirement.

Alaska Man Survives Terrifying Bear Attack

Over his 40 years in Alaska, six people Allen Minish knows have been mauled by bears. On Tuesday, he became the seventh.