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Carl Bernstein Says Trump Is An ‘American War Criminal’

by Justin Baragona

Legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein labeled former President Donald Trump an “American war criminal” on Sunday, citing recent reporting that top generals feared Trump would stage a coup after losing last November’s election.

During an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Bernstein said Trump’s continued push of the “Big Lie” that the election was stolen was a “delusional madness” that we’ve never experienced from any other president in history.

“I think we need to calmly step back and maybe look at Trump in a different context. He is our own American war criminal of a kind we’ve never experienced before,” Bernstein declared, prompting a stunned Brian Stelter to ask if he meant what he said. “I did,” Bernstein confirmed, adding that Trump’s “homicidal negligence” during the pandemic was another factor.

Bernstein then noted that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley reportedly compared Trump’s rhetoric to that of Adolf Hitler and was concerned that Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud would lead to a potential “Reichstag moment.” Stelter, meanwhile, told Bernstein he was “going to get heat” for accusing Trump of war crimes.

“All I’m doing is saying, ‘Whoa, let’s look at Trump’s crimes in a different context.’ Yes, war crimes. These were crimes against our people,” Bernstein responded.

Via The Daily Beast and written by Justin Baragona

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4 months ago

Like he was surprised or what? If he had been paying attention he could have said this years ago.

Michael John Scott
Reply to  jess
4 months ago

And he should have said this years ago, but no one would have listened then either.

Michael John Scott
4 months ago

Trump is a criminal of all stripes, albeit not yet literally, much to the world’s misfortune.

Last edited 4 months ago by Michael John Scott
Bill Formby
Bill Formby
Reply to  Michael John Scott
4 months ago

Oh, he is still a criminal. It’s the old thing of whether one becomes a criminal when they commit the crime or when they get caught. Trump has been a criminal for all of his adult life beginning when he fraudulently avoided the draft right until he misused the power of his office. The sad part is that he stood in front of the American people and did it dating anyone to stop him …, and no one did.

Glenn Geist
Reply to  Bill Formby
4 months ago

A criminal, but an American criminal? Hell, I’m not even sure he’s human. Odds are he’s already got a Russian passport.