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Endless Uncivil War—Color in Conflict

by Bill Formby

After a lifetime of thinking that individuals matter in the grand scheme of this country, I have now concluded that only certain people are those few individuals. America has been taught a lesson they hopefully will be able to rectify and not soon forget.

Actually, that lesson has been obvious for many years but some of us were always hoping w to be just brief phases, or just the train getting slightly off track temporarily. The truth was and is more so now, the track is for the general population but not for a chosen few who amassed wealth and power. Ideally, we were governed by a set of rules by which all had agreed to abide.

At first glance it would be easy to lay our current problems at the feet of Donald Trump, however, the truth is that there were more Donald Trumpish type people than we ever thought. In fact, one can easily see that before Trump there were many like him waiting in the wings to step onto the same stage as he.

What Trump did was give creditability and permission for the McConnells, Jordans, Santis. and Mo Brooks to join him on the stage. Even those who barely hung onto the so-called American ideals have since become anti-constitutionalists in the sense that they really only wanted laws and rules which applied to the common man. Instead, they wanted power to disregard any rule, law, or norm to apply to themselves.

Of course, for any American with a reasonable amount of intelligence, it should have been obvious from the very beginning that we would be in our present situation of class or race warfare amongst our peoples. For example, in the European models which preceded the discovery of North America the ideas of class, religion, and racial superiority were the norm.

Granted we in America gave a shot at the idea that all people were equal, at least in the eyes of the law. But we of the human species of animal were simply fighting our own nature. As was probably the case when Homo Sapiens first encountered other forms of Homo Erectus, like Neanderthals someone had to be eliminated. Though theoretically, there was some degree of interaction between them, eventually only one could survive.

This left the humans of lighter skin, i.e., white guys, in charge of the European Continent. Somewhere in what became Asia, similar developments occurred. Those who stayed in the African Continent had developments along the same lines but without the natural resources on which to build their cultures and societies.

As we all know, the cultures and societies in Europe and Asia developed, to a greater or lesser extent, based largely on natural resources. The exception being, perhaps, the Egyptians. The development of the Caucasians, at least in terms of feelings of superiority which persists even today.

This brings us to the current state of the world in which those who came from the European strand of Homo Sapiens have determined the status of superiority. It is not simply an American problem but one which seems to exist worldwide.

By and large, the modernization of many countries was caused by the spreading of European ideas by those countries to other places through attempts at world domination because of the advancement of weaponry. A large part of the conquering of the world led to the enslavement of many of the people of the lesser developed countries, particularly those on the African continent.

A part of this entire process has led to a large underclass of people, primarily those of black and brown skins, eventually ended up in the better-developed countries.

Now, one could argue the other side of these issues but I doubt it would change my mind because any way you cut it it is what it is. Over the centuries it still evolves to the same point at which we find ourselves today. Not only that but we have been here before in one form or another. While we, historically, think we have survived similar problems, I think we continually delude ourselves. We have never fully resolved anything. We simply pretend things have gotten better.

The Jesus followers are generally no better now than they were at the turn of the last century. Despite their hypocritical sayings that we are all the same in the eyes of their God, they have yet to acknowledge that the entity they follow, i.e., Jesus was a brown person, those of the lighter skin still believe he was a white guy and therefore, they are superior.

We, at least, those of us with a bit more rational thought processes contend that if he existed at all he was among the colored population of the planet. Thus, it is my belief that the current status of events, that is a portion of the people of each race will forever be enemies, while the rest will continue to try, however difficult it may be, to coexist.

On either side, I believe that this will ultimately end with an all-out uncivil war that will continue till the end times. Lions will still kill hyenas, and whites and coloreds will continue to fight for superiority. In the end, there will be no winners.

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Bill Formby
Bill Formby
1 month ago

This piece is more about the current struggle between the development of the different races than it is about who about is responsible for the concept of the capturing and utilization of people to slavery. our own standards of being right and wrong. That has been practice worldwide probably for the last 50,000 years. This does not make it right by our cultural values today any more than it was then, nor does it place the blame on people that no longer practice it. It does, however, portray the existence of an underclass of people who were slaves in an abstract sense. Less than 100 years ago the American correction system was notorious for using vague criminal charges against minorities of various colors only to lease them to farmers and businesses making them quasi slaves at a minimum. Here again, the average American citizen was not the responsible person. It was simply a continuation of a less than pristine cultural practice.
While I personally was not involved in such practices and therefore refuse to accept any responsibility for those activities, I can be sympathetic to the plight of their descendants and their slow adaptation to today’s society of more developed countries. According to many theories, this was due to the failure of the reconstruction period subsequent to the American Civil War.

Glenn Geist
1 month ago

I tend to see chaos where others see order. Slavery in history seems opportunistic, depending on who is there to be conquered and exploited. Slaves in Sumerian city states were often residents of other Sumerian city states and when most nations were occupied in conquest, you took them as booty. It wasn’t racial, it was just business. Is dark skin a factor? If so, it’s not ancient. Columbus and Cortez and the Conquistadors enslaved whom they could and the New World imported slaves that could survive there after the indigenous people died off. But Africans enslaved Africans too – and not because they were a different shade of brown, but because they could get away with it. Arabs were slave traders. China had slavery at various times. It wasn’t banned until the fall of the Ching in 1910 but it went on until the Communist revolution in 1949. I have to wonder what went on as Homo Sapiens followed more primitive species out of Africa. How did they treat each other? But whether we share that more primitive ancestry or not, we’re all still nasty apes.

It may well be the end of us all as you say, but for this old man it’s for others to talk about. I do resent this universal feature of human nature being sold as being about “white people” and about the United States though. If I am responsible for what someone did ten thousand years ago much less 500, than we all are. All of us are guilty, as some religions preach. All of us are victims and none of us are willing to put the ancient past behind us which is all that can save us. It’s become a hate fest, promoting all these oversimplified, tunnel vision historical suppositories to be shoved where the sun don’t shine for the purpose of enragement and promoting vengeance, but most of all looking for profit.

Bill Formby
Bill Formby
Reply to  Glenn Geist
1 month ago

Glenn, I think that part of this problem for many of the minority groups was that when they were freed from the slavery their mistreatment did not end.

Bill Formby
Bill Formby
1 month ago

AUTHOR’S Note: A point of clarity should be made that there is no attempt to contend that any one given race or ethnic group actually is superior to any other intellectually, or otherwise.

Michael John Scott
Reply to  Bill Formby
1 month ago

I know you well enough old man to never suspect anything different.