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Smoke, Mirrors, Snake Oil and Sheep Dip


by Glenn R. Geist

Facebook, Fraud, and Fox. Call it 3F, call it the Triumvirate of stupidity, Call it what you will, it’s eating us alive and unlike those 50’s horror movies, where people have been replaced by aliens bound to take over and destroy humanity – it’s real. That blonde southern housewife going into a meeting to decry the “tyranny of masks” screaming defiance at the doctor sneering at that medical tyranny based on “smoke and mirrors?”

Well maybe you can’t tell she’s one of them, but I can. It’s more than the mannerisms; it’s the unquestioning, militant, aggressive confidence in hollow, baseless assertions. It’s the paranoia. It’s the inability to see the obvious. 630,000 dead and hospitals no longer functional, but it’s “smoke and mirrors.” Yes, it’s a religious cult-like any other, but most of all she’s just another victim of the rebel auto da fe, the voluntary march into the bonfire, the smug and smiling participation in the human sacrifice sponsored by the Trump Cult, The religion of the New Right and the Old South.

It isn’t al Qaeda trying to bring down our airplanes, it’s the secessionists, breaking away from reality and clutching at anarchy. They are terrified of proven vaccines and they mock valid precautions, but they trust sheep-dip and charlatans that infected schools are safe schools. God, Trump, and worm pills will save them: horse pills and bright lights and that sludge Rush used to sell. Salvation by Clorox, not Big Pharma, and the kind of medicine that has finally defeated those things that used to kill us and kill our children.

How long will it be before enough of them die that the death cult dies with them?

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12 days ago

[…] Geist analyzes COVID from a motivational perspective: just what makes so many willing and eager to march with enthusiasm straight into the bright, blazing fire. […]

Bill Formby
Bill Formby
17 days ago

I believe there is hope. My very best friend’s father recently passed away. For most of his life, he was a Republican. But he gave up on them before he died. Since he was able to finally see through their smoke and mirrors after living for 95 years I believe that many more can come to their senses. We can still have hope.

Michael John Scott
18 days ago

How long will it be? I read there’s a run on Ivermectin, and it isn’t the horses and dogs that are taking it. There is hope.

Tall Stacey
Tall Stacey
18 days ago

Soon I hope!