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5 Powerful Motivations for Beginner Runners

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For those that are new to running, it can be tough to find the motivation to stay on the road. Creating excuses to avoid running can become a professional pastime for new runners. Getting into the habit can be a challenge, but once you are in the zone you will be able to reap the benefits of the running lifestyle.

One of the most effective ways to stay motivated is to recognize your progress. It can take time to get into your running groove, but with the right motivation and persistence, it won’t be long until you meet and then surpass your first goal.

Setting a schedule and eating the right diet can help prepare you for your running journey. For an extra boost, you can try www.steelsupplements.com for free today and take advantage of the benefits of a pre-workout supplement. Let’s take a look at a few ways those beginner runners can stay motivated.

Set a Goal

To help you stay motivated, you need to have a goal to work towards. Keep your goals simple and attainable at the beginning of your running journey. If you set a huge goal like running a marathon at the start, it can be a challenge to stay motivated as you work slowly towards your target. Setting attainable goals will give you intervals of achievement that will give you more motivation to stay running.

Create a Routine

Anything that you do at the same time every day will quickly become a routine. One of the most beneficial times to have your run is in the morning. Your run will trigger the release of healthy endorphins that can help set your mood on high for the rest of the day. The increase in circulation can help your brain to focus and keep you sharp through your day. Listen to your body and find a time that works the best for you. However, keep in mind that the time slot that you choose should be when you are least likely to find other obligations preventing you from getting out on the road.

Train With a Partner

A real challenge to your motivation is staying accountable. When it’s just you, it’s easier to make excuses to skip your workout. When you find a running partner, you have an obligation to show up for your run. Running with a partner can help you to enjoy your run, provide you with a social outlet and keep you on track. 

Reward Yourself

Reaching one of your running goals should be a fun event. Don’t forget to reward yourself for all of your hard work. When you set your goals, you can also set up a reward that you will enjoy and that will help you push yourself to the end. You may set up a spa day, give yourself permission to eat an extra slice of cake, or take yourself out for dinner with a friend as a reward for reaching your running goals.

Keep a Progress Journal

Setting your achievements down on paper can give you palpable evidence that you are doing a great job. Running progress can be slow therefore making it more of a challenge to stay motivated. By keeping a running progress journal, you can see your small improvements right on the paper giving you the push that you need to keep going.

Running is a lifestyle that millions of people worldwide enjoy. If you are just starting out, finding the right motivation can be a struggle. Try using some of these tips including finding a workout partner, keeping a progress journal, and setting attainable goals to stay motivated on your running journey. 

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