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Kyle Rittenhouse: Open Carry Equals Open Madness

“The better part of Valour is discretion; in the which better part, I have saved my life”    -Fallstaff-

Some things attract flies and other vermin. Some events do too, only we’ve become so self-deluded we tend to get away with calling them “peaceful protests”

In my younger years, while working in Chicago’s financial district and during the Vietnam war, there were frequent very large demonstrations I would attend whenever I could, in wingtips and business suits like most of the attendees. There was always some emotional cause, The killing of Black Panthers, The Chicago Seven,  but very little noise, no smoke or flames, and no Kristallnacht reenactment. Needless to say, there were no concealed carry permits or open carry laws in that State, at that time.

Of course, I’m leaving out the horrific events and violence at the 1968 Democratic convention but  I stayed a long way away from that; discretion and valor and all that. My political activism has always kept bankers hours anyway and my thought is that those who wait for dark to be “peaceful” don’t intend to be.

My advice is that:  if you feel you need a gun to protect yourself somewhere – don’t go there. I wish someone had convinced Kyle Rittenhouse of that. I wish the open carry states would reconsider and if I cannot, with my Florida permit, carry concealed in a bar or post office or condo board meeting or football game, a Wisconsin citizen should not feel or be legal in carrying openly in what at best was a quiet riot on the streets, burning dumpsters and all. Rittenhouse should have and would have been arrested in short order without that crazy policy.

I fear there will be more “peaceful protest” and not only because of the level of gun “enthusiasm” in rural and terrified America, but because the first person I saw interviewed on the street blamed it all on racism and went into a rant about enslaved people. That’s a chip on the national shoulder and any breeze will knock it off. It won’t be long. 

As to the rage about the verdict. It will only make it worse. Certainly, I thought there would be something less than Murder 1, but to be frank, I’m more outraged every time I hear of some innocent man or woman spending a lifetime in jail, and yes, that’s too often attributable to race. But I’d rather see a guilty man go free than an innocent one hang. That’s my Humanist viewpoint and I’m sticking to it.  Don’t start blathering about being a Christian, if you don’t agree.

Odds are that Kyle will not commit any other crime, but the odds would be better if his sacred gun rights were taken away because he had been found guilty on some level appropriate to a delusional juvenile.  The odds of a repeat would be better if we ended the open carry insanity at a national level.

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10 days ago

To me, open carry is overshadowed by how does and underage kid carry a gun across state lines to a protest, driven and dropped by his Mom for cryin’out loud! And there were no laws broken? None? Mom doesn’t share responsibility? Nothing? WTF?

Michael John Scott
11 days ago

The world sees America as the Wild, Wild, West. They don’t mean it as a compliment.

Michael John Scott
Reply to  Glenn Geist
10 days ago

What’s making this old man nervous these days is the fact there is a LOT of truth to it, and it’s not going to get better.