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David Everitt-Carlson is an international Advertising/Marketing consultant in New York City. He has also written for The Morton Report and currently writes for OpEd News and Cowbird. He is also an Occupier but most days he occupies a computer and tries his best to stay out of jail.

OWS: Arresting Developments

On Friday, April 27th, I was arrested by the NYPD for essentially, being an Occupier. When asked why I was being arrested, officer Kevin Wahlig said, “I don’t know, a…

Occupy Wall Street Forecloses on Bank of America…Every Night

According to the New York Times, seizing the upper hand in the battle to maintain a 24 hour occupation in New York City, Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have repelled the…

OWS: The Art Police-Up to Their Old Tricks-As Always

Back at Union Square for just less than two weeks, OWS had found a more resilient and friendly park for Occupation but the NYPD, puppeteering the National Parks Department, kept…