Is Donald Trump Bigger than Jesus Christ

Well of course Trump is fatter than Jesus. Most likely a lot taller also. But the real question that demands an answer is who is bigger.

What Joe Biden Should Tell the Reluctant Caucus

About the only thing Ronald Reagan said that had any value, to Republicans anyway was “never speak ill of another Republican.”

How Political Correctness is Saving the Republican Party

For all the whining we Republicans do about political correctness, the fact is without it we would be screwed.

How Trump Restored George Bush’s Swagger

After eight long years of the idiot George Bush’s presidency, he mercifully retreated to Texas, where he has stayed.

Did Donald J. Trump Save Social Security?

Being a good Republican gives me the moral lack of a compass to accept anything said or done by a fellow Republican.

Why We Need To Kill the Lincoln Project

Aside from being heroes to MSNBC, the Lincoln Project was for the most part a waste of time and donor money.

A Republican Gives Unsolicited Advice to President Biden

Most of my Republican brothers and sisters will fill Biden with nonsense about reaching out and acting in a bipartisan manner.

Rudy Giuliani’s Missed Opportunity

Alas for all of us. Life is full of missed opportunities. Sometimes the opportunities are plain to see. Other times they’re easy to miss.

Republicans No Longer Believe In Corporal Punishment

It’s a sad day for us God-fearing Republicans. I remember a time when it was the mark of a good parent to have well beaten children.

Maybe Donald Trump Is the Real American

I’ve often mused over the topic of American. What makes a real American? Is it a John Wayne type character?

Is Amy Conan Barrett Faking It?

I apologize to anyone clicking this article thinking it was something titillating. We Republicans are offended by words like “tits.”

The Evil Genius of Donald J. Trump

I pretty much up until now discounted the actual intelligence of President Trump. His manipulations worked on the stupid and weak-minded.

Is Mike Pence the Worst Vice President Ever?

I guess the argument could be made for Spiro Agnew as worst ever. He ended up resigning from the Vice Presidency.

Will Blacks Save the Nation That So Royally Screwed Them?

The first third of our Nation’s history was to a great degree possible by the screwing over of Black people.