Ronald Reagan Can No Longer Save Us!

With the help of FOX, today’s GOP is ruthlessly efficient in implementing its nefarious vision, and Reagan cannot step in and save us this time.

Troy Davis: It Just Feels Right

Troy Davis was executed for a crime he may have committed. Georgia governor Nathan Deal is fine with it. The Supreme Court of the United States has enough precedent to mechanically allow it. He was, after all, convicted with due processes. He already had his day in court. The system is working as designed, so justice was done, right?

Epitaph of a Failed Presidency?

Did the president let us down during the debt ceiling debates? Will he let us down again? If he failed does that failure define his presidency?

The End of the Terrorist Party

Though I would argue with a dead man, I rarely get impassioned by politics. I do not remember being angry at a politician in my lifetime. Until recently…..

The National Debt Unicorn

I missed his exact words, but Paul Ryan said something like the American debt crisis must be solved by slashing grandma’s wrists; but I will let him explain it, as I would hate to find myself guilty of libel. Needless to say, I do not agree. Read about why here.

Frankenstein’s New Monster: Soy

Though I am typically apathetic about environmental issues, I am more than a little concerned, both for the safety of the soon to be embattled soy, and for vegetarians who survive on it.

Jurors in Capital Case Caught Practicing without a License

After committing a double homicide, O.J. Simpson was set free under the aegis of reasonable doubt. More than fifteen years later, the jury that freed him is still held in contempt in the hearts of most Americans, who fail to recognize that jury’s doubts are nothing if not reasonable.

The Christian God: A Recount

It took an army of Christian gods to permanently defeat Olympus. As vanquished Greek gods scrambled to find a position in the new religion, the Church struggled to reduce the number of deities down to only one, which was required to satisfy their Jewish base; yet they had to also keep a variety of gods in order to appease their new pagan converts. Mission accomplished.

Conversation with Emerson

I did not proudly declare what I believe to be true and I learned a valuable lesson because of it. I will tell you my tale, just as I told it to Emerson, as I recant my silence and speak out on behalf of terrorists.

Escaping Justice in America

Crystal M, an upstanding American citizen, was recently issued a citation for speeding. It almost sent her into bankruptcy. Written on the citation was a disclaimer that she was to appear in court and signing it was not an admission of guilt. For the exact same offense, I skated by virtually unscathed.

Gateway to Heaven

Jesus’ promise that if you accept Him into your heart, you can have eternal bliss turns out to be a hoax.

I Just Took an Elderly Woman’s Last Sandwich

So why should I NOT be giving money to Haiti relief? Read the article and draw your own conclusions. Don’t forget to let me know what you think.

Mithra’s Christmas

December is a time of good will and holiday cheer for most reasonable Americans, and yet some nay-Sayers insist on sabotaging my right to enjoy it.