Explosive: How Trump Manipulated Testing To Blame Democratic Governors

Has each of you contemplated how it is that Trump can muster a sufficient response, deploying  75,000 federal agents in a span of three days.

Unhinged Pastor Rages At Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Over Mask Mandate

If you have not met “pastor” Greg Locke, Founding and leading “pastor” of Global Vision Bible Church, he is quite a piece of work.

Remember! Remember! The Third Day of November

While I cannot confirm what I am about to say I am going out on a limb here to tell each of you that there is going to be trouble in November.

Defunding Police—An Albatross Around Joe Biden’s Neck?

I do NOT agree with the Democratic push to defund the police. This will be nothing but a huge albatross hung around Mr. Biden’s neck.

Mr. Trump: Calling Churches Essential Reflects Your Ignorance of the Bible

While Mr. Trump is entertaining over-riding the governors who have deemed it wise to keep churches closed in their respective states.

Don’t Twist the Facts—God Doesn’t Belong To You

So, as is often the case, I have received yet another personal message critiquing my public stance regarding opening the economies of states.

Senator Cassidy—Trading Lives For Dollars Is Not Acceptable

The United States Senator from my state—Bill Cassidy—wants us to open up the economy, and the faster the better apparently.

Why Donald J. Trump Was Not Sent By God

Those readers from the faith community who persist in telling me Trump was “sent by God,” or that “he is anointed by God,” should pause.

What Flattening The Curve Really Means

Let us dispel of the myth that once the “curve is flattened” that we will experience less loss of life than had the curve not been flattened.

Trump And His Gang Of Conservatives Continue To Downplay COVID19

The other night CNN reported the administration predicted Friday night would be our highest death toll from COVID19,  and then things would taper off.

We Must Not Forgive Trump His Lies and Immorality

This isn’t about politics: IT IS ABOUT MORALS, and as a preacher I just find myself asking, “What is it about your support of Trump that forgives?

Trump Is Losing His War Against the Unseen Enemy

All roads lead back to the poor performance and leadership of Donald J. Trump who has been derelict in his duties as a Commander-In-Chief.

It Is Time For Fox News To Give Trump the ‘Obama Treatment’

THIS is how our national nightmare began. Nobody and I will say that word again – NOBODY – will convince me that Trump was elected for any other reason.

Coronavirus: Proceed Cautiously, Remain Optimistic, but Remain Vigilant

Let’s discuss the “optimism” taking place in the media premised on a few governors’ statements about the “flattening” of newly reported cases.