Rising Seas and Keeping Our Heads Above Them

Nature bats last. Some humans like to think there are ways of handling her, but when her bat consists of typhoons, tidal waves, floods, droughts, sub-zero blizzards, there’s no way of catching that ball without some damage. In those situations, we generally concede and get out of her way.

Crying for Reagan-Operation Sippy Cup? Coffee Cup?

Oh my – it’s the Centennial of Saint Ronnie, and the Republicans are all weeping at the foot of his statue. Give them their sippy cups! Ronnie never had Operation Sippy Cup, but he was involved in Operation Coffee Cup, the AMA’s effort at defeating “socialist medicine” in 1961.

The True Monarchs of Pismo Beach – Butterflies, that is

Pismo Beach is one of the loveliest places in California, and while much of the country shivers through ice and snow, the Monarch butterfly is spending its winter here, sheltered in coast’s eucalyptus groves.

One Path to the Future: Transition Towns

We know our society is not on a sustainable path, and we’re probably all coming to the realization that the big systemic changes will not come from the top. Take heart; a lot of changes are already happening all over the globe, they’re just ignored by the media.

Mimo, the Big Boss Cockatoo, finds a home . .

I feel like I’m in safe company here, with Mike promoting CritterTalk and all, so I’m comfortable with coming out and admitting that we have seven critters running our household and our lives. This is the story of how Mimo, the Big Boss Cockatoo, came to live with us. His is not the usual little tale…

On the First Day of Zappadan…

The earth turned on her axis, the calendar page flipped, and lo, it was Zappadan 2010. How better to honor Frank than to offer the almost quintessential Zappa: Peaches en Regalia…

What makes Obama run?

I’d like to know how our President operates and what drives him; I haven’t been able to figure that out. Read the article and let me know what you think.

The Czech band Čankišou

With Sham Sut from their CD Music of the Canki people.

The challenge remains…

“I want my country back” can be shorthand for “I want to make sure my voice is heard and that this country is the kind of place I want to live in and love.”