America’s Two Sicknesses: Guns and God

America has two sicknesses that make it a dangerous and backward place to live: Guns, and religion. We fetishize deadly weapons.

America: Where True Greatness Lives In the Past

Our educational system, once the envy of the world, is falling further and further behind that of northwestern Europe — and our Secretary of Education is a religious nut who wants to transfer taxpayer money from public education to vouchers for private religious schools.

Why Liberals Cannot Afford To Apply Ideological Purity Tests

Cities will vote Democratic no matter what, so Democrats can afford to be ultra-progressive when they campaign there. But, as Hillary found out, you can’t just win in all the urban areas and lose everywhere else. You also can’t run as a far-left progressive in a red state that’s not heavily urbanized.

Why ‘American Exceptionalism’ Is No Longer A Point of Pride

Only one nation in the entire world now refuses to accept the science of climate change: the United States. We are also the only nation to steadfastly refuse to use the Metric System, the only developed nation that doesn’t guarantee health care access to all its citizens, and the only nation that has not restricted access to guns despite frequent mass shootings.