Fanatic Christian Mike Pompeo Opposes Religious Pluralism, Supports the ‘Rapture’

Trump’s former CIA Director, and US Congressman, Mike Pompeo, will have his confirmation hearing for his appointment to secretary of state today. What most may not know, however, is his well-documented history of working with activists who inflame anti-Muslim fear and bigotry, and his fervent belief in the “rapture.”

Plastic Jesus: Muslim Hating Pastor, Fox News Contributor Busted For Molesting Child

Oh, those Krazy Kristians!  So much hypocrisy so little time.  Another pastor gets busted, this time for child molestation. Alabama youth pastor Paul Edward Acton Bowen, 37, has been arrested on charges of molesting a boy who was a family acquittance, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

How God Craziness Drives Scott Pruitt’s Twisted Approach To the Environment

It’s about God, again, and still.  The United States of America is guided by the nonsense of religion much like third world countries, and, it’s no more evident than in the halls of the very Congress that is supposed to respect the separation of Church and State.

Why Britain Must Ban Some Faith Schools

A recent undercover report has established that there are literally hundreds of faith schools, primarily Muslim but a number are Jewish, in Britain that is, frankly, disgraceful and has no place in a civilized country.

4 Good Reasons Why Franklin Graham Has No Biblical Clue

I apologize to those of you who are not of a faith orientation due to hypocritical behavior by those who call themselves “Christians.” I also ask your forgiveness that White Evangelical leaders have not only supported Trump but continue doing so, despite the persistent worldly behavior engaged in by him.

No need to teach a child about Atheism

We are born Atheists, not Christians, Muslims, Jews and etc. We are born clean without the harmful influences of the world’s religions. Read this story for more.

Religious right gets defensive as Atheism on rise in U.S.

About 400 people are preparing to gather for a conference in Hartford, Connecticut, to promote the end of religion in the US and their vision of a secular future for the country.

All religion lives by a steady trade in lies (MUSIC VIDEO)

An extraordinary music video condemning the insanity of religion and calling upon all people to free themselves from this yoke of tyranny.

God Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

God, creator of the universe found Monday to suffer from bipolar disorder.

Gay student pressured to leave Christian school

A Connecticut private school managed to tolerate a student who wasn’t “Christian” but when it came to that student being “gay,” well that was a different story. Read about the love and tolerance extended to her by those God fearing Christians.