Man runs over kittens so he can eat them for dinner

The lengths some will go to in order to set the record for depravity is astonishing. Read this story:

Send us your pet pictures today! Your pet could be famous and you could win a t-shirt

Make your pet famous! Send us your favorite pet pictures (two submission maximum please) along with a short caption, and we will publish them when we do critter posts. Make sure to stay tuned for our pet picture contest to be held at a date to be announced. You could win a seriously cool MMA t-shirt.

Real personalities emerge during Snowpocalypse

Nothing like two blizzards in as many weeks to get to know your family as well as you’d ever want to. Tempers are short and minds are dull after being in forced confinement with a snarky pre-teen, a half-deaf 6 year old, 7 cats, and a chihuahua.

Sparta: The Mean Kitty!

This is a delightful little video. Don’t miss it, even if you’re a dog lover. Enjoy.

Critter talk: Mapping the cat brain

The cat brain is a complex maze indeed. Read the full article for the map of the brain.

Critter talk: How many pets is too many?

Dr. Patty talks about how many pets you have to have to be considered a “hoarder.”

Outrage of the day: woman kills lonely dog because it chewed up her Bible!

Crazy Christian woman strangles and burns her nephews “devil dog” because it chewed up the Bible she left outside.

Utah Republican Oda: Kill all cats and dogs using all means necessary!

Republican Congressman Curt Oda of Utah says that we need to kill all dogs and cats, by any means necessary. He’s kidding right? Of course not. He is of Japanese ancestry and we all know how much the Japanese love animals. Just look at the whaling industry, and the slaughter of dolphins, sharks, bears and etc. Find out more by reading the story…