Please! No more violent rhetoric!

Unbelievably the Right Wing talkers such as Rush Limbaugh and etc, are not toning down the rhetoric. On the contrary they are ranting even louder. Read the article and watch the video for more…..

What Happens When Crazy Christians Try to “Cure” man of Homosexuality

The Fundamentalist Christians, aka wacko Jesus Jumpers, are convinced that Gay means God ain’t in you…well you know what I mean. Read the full story and be saved…

Marx, Hitler, and The Right Wing Myth of Jared Loughner’s Liberalism

The Republicans are making much out of Tuscon killer Jared Loughner’s reading material and that is “recklessly irresponsible and intellectually dishonest.” Read this extraordinary analysis ….

Limbaugh and Beck attack Arizona sheriff for being honest

The county sheriff always knows what’s happening, but Limbaugh and Beck don’t agree. Read the article.

Westboro Baptist Crazies to picket funerals of Arizona shooting victims

We all know the world is full of evil, but the evil monsters that populate the Westboro Baptist Church do not deserve to breathe the same air as human beings. Read the full story of what these monsters are planning now.

Paul Krugman: Climate of Hate

I don’t always agree with Paul Krugman, then again I don’t always agree with anyone. I am curious, however, to hear what you have to say. Read this op-ed and share your opinion if you will.

Why are the mentally ill allowed to buy guns?

I am a proponent of gun control. I believe that only the police and those trained and investigated thoroughly should be allowed to carry guns. I don’t believe Joe Citizen should be allowed to buy assault rifles. I certainly don’t believe that certified nut jobs like the Arizona shooter should, under any circumstances, be allowed to buy or possess any kind of weapon. Read the full article for more…..

Mongo the Cat gets stuck on roof, and rescued from certain death, twice

In a flash of brilliance–the kind of brilliance that happens only when I feel the most bereft of options–I plotted Mongo’s rescue.

WikiLeaks: Idealists Putting Good People in Mortal Danger

I support the mission of WikiLeaks and have no doubt that the folks over there are well intentioned, however from time to time those good intentions may result in disaster. Read Burr Deming’s great article originally published at Fair and Unbalanced.

10 year old blows Mommy away

So why would a 10 year old child smoke his own mom? Read the full article to find out.