Bible: Life Begins at First Breath

The pro-fetus brigade that is the Republican party is screaming, drooling and rabid about life beginning at conception. They get right in our face.

Here’s Why Christians Believe In Miracles – and Other Kinds of Magic

Christianity was born at a time in history when every religion included a belief in magic or miracles. Miraculous healings, natural “signs and wonders.”

Florida Legislator and Religious Fanatic Who Thanked God For Slavery Is Once Again Under Investigation

In case you’ve forgotten or missed the story entirely,  Kim Daniels is the Florida state representative who gained infamy by stating… 

At Uber Christian Wheaton College Kidnapping and Assaulting Student OK, But Don’t Dare Watch Porn

You’ve heard of Wheaton College I’m sure, but if not it’s an evangelical school in Illinois.  It is touted as the number one Christian college in the nation, at least according to its Christian caretakers.

It Should Worry You That Trump Cabinet Members Attend Weekly Bible Classes

Is Donald Trump’s White House even more religious than born again George Bush’s? According to Christian Broadcast News (CBN) his cabinet is the most evangelical cabinet in history and that should frighten every rational thinking American.

‘Pastor’ Bryan Fischer: LGBT’s Stole God’s Rainbow And God’s Pissed-Wants It Back Now

Fischer says God is seriously pissed because the “gays” stole his flag and He wants it back right now.

A Conversation With Morgan Freeman

The title refers to a very old song by the Coasters who many of you of never heard of but aptly describes my state of mind often these days. If I asked you what Morgan Freeman and a lovely young woman have in common most of you, at least those who do not know me well, would say the movie “Million Dollar Baby”, and you would be wrong.

Why Is Jesus Hiding?

Have you ever wondered why the Christians are always going on about “finding Jesus?” I mean to hear them tell it if a person doesn’t find the J-Man that person is condemned to the fiery pit and will never be “saved.”