COVID-19: After 208 Days In Hospital Man Returns Home

A Minnesota man is grateful to be returning home after 208 grueling days in a hospital—all with the coronavirus, WCCO reports.

North Korean Warning: Stay Indoors Due to ‘Malicious’ Dust

Pyongyang looked like a ghost town on Thursday, thanks to governmental warnings on a completely natural phenomenon.

Trump Gang Overrules CDC—Cruise Ships Sail In October

It’s not about the public good in Trump world, it’s about currying favor with the rich and powerful while ignoring the science.

This Airport Is Getting COVID-Sniffing Dogs

The new coronavirus test at Finland’s main international airport delivers results in less than 10 seconds—and has four paws.

Leaked FEMA Memo Shows 17% Jump In Covid Deaths Last Week

A leaked internal memo from the Federal Emergency Management Agency has reportedly revealed a near-17 percent spike in coronavirus-related deaths

This Country Has the Worst COVID Death Rate

This country is No. 1 on a list you really don’t want to top: the highest coronavirus death rates in the world.

‘Herman Cain’ Tweets—Media Hypes Virus Lethality—A Month After He Died From It

The late Herman Cain’s Twitter account posted a claim that the novel coronavirus is “not as deadly” as “mainstream media” made it out to be.

Nate Silver: Despite Biden’s Big Numbers Don’t Count Trump Out

Famous, or infamous, depending on who’s side you’re on, stats guru Nate Silver and his team ran 40,000 simulations.

Prominent New Model Has Grim COVID Prediction

Winter isn’t all that far away, and with it, some not-great news, at least according to a prominent model with a new prediction.

Buddy, the First Dog To Test Positive for COVID-19 Dies

BUDDY LIKED DOG stuff: running through the sprinklers, going on long car rides, swimming in the lake. He was a beloved member of the family.

Republicans In Danger of Losing the Senate and Presidency

The United States is reaching the point where we will start counting down the last 100 days to the election, and hopefully freedom from the monster in the White House.

Kids Between 10-19 Extremely Contagious

We may have been kidding ourselves about the likelihood of children spreading the coronavirus. children under 10 do give the virus to others.