China conquers deep blue sea

No place in this world is safe from man, and that includes the bottom of the sea. Read about China’s plans to mine the world’s oceans.

U.S. to sanction Iceland for resuming commercial whaling

The greed never ends and the killing doesn’t either. Iceland has elected to violate the commercial whaling moratorium and the United States doesn’t like it. Read about it here.

Japan rocked by yet another earthquake

Japan experiences yet another earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale.

Judge: Polar bears to stay protected! Happy 4th!

I’ve got great news for polar bears: A federal judge just ruled that polar bears must stay protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Bolivia moves to secure food supply

President of Bolivia Evo Morales, has signed a law to protect his country’s indigenous food supply from imported GM seeds.

Leaking U.S. Nuclear Plants may be threatened by rising flood waters

Fears are rising as steadily as the Missouri River is flooding areas of nuclear power plants these days as new studies and reports about America’s nuclear facilities prove their radiation is causing people harm.

Scotch Whisky to generate electric power

Apart from enjoying the fine Highland nectar, another valuable use has been found for Scotland’s No. 1 export. Scotch Whisky by-products will be used to generate electricity.

Report: Climate change happening now because of people

The hearings continue on climate change but there is no doubt that it is partly caused by people. Read more here….

Bee colonies collapse-global food shortage feared

The bees are dying by the millions and there is no cure in sight. If we lose the bees we lose our food and if we lose our food we know what happens next.

Earthquake rocks Hawaii

Hawaii’s usual serenity was disturbed a few hours ago by an earthquake. Read the story for more.

What’s killing the baby dolphins?

Baby dolphins are washing ashore in record numbers of the coast of Mississippi. Read this sad story.

Ken Salazar gets stuck in the California sand

Ken Salazar, America’s cowboy Secretary of the Interior, managed to embarrass us yesterday. Read just how he did it.

Sea Shepherds force Japanese to suspend annual whale hunt

The anti-whaling activists may have been successful in their long standing battle with the Japanese Whaling Fleet. Here is the encouraging story.

NASA keeping sharp eye on killer asteroid-May strike earth in 2036

This isn’t something from science fiction writers or Hollywood movie makers. This could be a real threat and it’s not something which could happen in a hundred years. The Christians are delirious with joy. Read this frightening story.