Rising Seas and Keeping Our Heads Above Them

Nature bats last. Some humans like to think there are ways of handling her, but when her bat consists of typhoons, tidal waves, floods, droughts, sub-zero blizzards, there’s no way of catching that ball without some damage. In those situations, we generally concede and get out of her way.

Krauthammer: “Climate Science” Is A Religion

Crazy Krauthammer is spending his time these days attacking Al Gore and 99.5% of the scientists who support the climate change phenomenon. Read the full story.

Dramatic video of Japanese volcano erupting

A volcano in southern Japan – which featured in a James Bond film – has erupted again, damaging homes in surrounding towns.

Koch Bros Convention draws plenty of protesters

The rich folks in Rancho Mirage were not amused by protesters that showed up to voice their distaste with the Koch Brothers Billionaire Caucus this weekend.

The long sad journey of a desperate bear

Researchers tracked a polar bear as it desperately tries to find an ice floe before it drowns.

California mayor wants to broadcast bird song to make everyone happy

Well we all know that politicians can often come up with strange ideas. This one is no different than many of those, or is it? Read the full article.

Farting a crime in Malawi?

The government of Malawi plan to punish persistent offenders ‘who foul the air’ in a bid to ‘mould responsible and disciplined citizens.’

Global warming freezes America, Europe

When one thinks of “global warming” one thinks of sun, heat, sand, and drought. While that is part of it there is much more. Read this story to find out how much more….

Nutty Newt wants to scrap the EPA

Newt Gingrich, brilliant strategist and learned scholar, has decided the best way to protect the environment is to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The greening of the Sahara Desert begins

In the future, parts of the Sahara Desert may have to be preserved like a national park, as the greening of the sandy waste begins.

Great Barrier Reef in danger from Queensland floods

In Australia, the floods in the state of Queensland are already a disaster for the people and now the Great Barrier Reef is in danger.

Obama to allow offshore drilling-Without environmental review.

Well, it seems our commander in chief is going back on his word regarding offshore drilling. He had promised to have all requests scrutinized with a fine tooth comb after the Deepwater Horizon nightmare. Such is not the case evidently

World’s small glaciers will be gone by 2100

Scientists are affirming what they’ve been saying for years and that is global warming is melting our glaciers. Read the full story….