Sea levels to rise 13 feet by year 3000

Environmental catastrophe is bound to happen regardless of what we do. Read the full article.

Wikileaks says government responsible for bee kills

I’m starting to like Wikileaks. Read this disturbing, albeit controversial story.

More mass bird deaths this time in Sweden

Why are the world’s birds dying by the thousands? Read the full article to learn about the latest bird deaths.

More dead birds in Louisiana-Now it’s getting creepy

Whether it be Alfred Hitchcock or Stephen King, the reports of birds dropping from the sky continue to flourish, and it’s not fiction. Read the full article for this scary story.

Now 100K dead fish have washed up in Arkansas

What’s going on in Arkansas. The blackbirds fell from the sky and now the fish are dying on the beaches. Click the read full article link to find out more.

Red-Wing Blackbirds fall from sky

Bizarre event in the Arkansas night sky, over a thousand of Red-Wing Blackbird die while in flight.

Resisting The Green Dragon

The religious right has a new video series in which they condemn environmentalism as a false religion, pretty much saying the majority of scientists in the world are full of fertilizer.

Manatees flee to warmer waters

The Florida Manatees are feeling the chill and are flocking to warmer waters.

Genetic weapon developed against honeybee-killer

After isolating the killer of billions of bees scientists are now one step closer to developing a weapon against the killers.