Alien Mummies: Ancient Corpses Discovered In Peru Not Human

The anatomical structure of the mummies discovered near Nazca, in southern Peru, last year is not human. A team of researchers from St. Petersburg, who collected the tissue samples in Peru and brought them back to Russia to study, have determined that the mummies — with elongated heads…

Shocked Fisherman Finds Bag Containing 54 Severed Hands

In the vast reaches of Siberia, one can find more than just snow, as evidenced by what one Russian fisherman discovered last Thursday:  a bag containing 54 severed hands, Live Science reports. 

Who’s Behind U.S. Election Meddling? Putin Says ‘Jews’ Did It

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Jews may be behind alleged meddling in the U.S. presidential election. In an interview broadcast late Friday, Putin was asked by NBC’s Megyn Kelly whether he condoned the electoral interference by 13 Russians named in an indictment by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Betsy DeVos Doesn’t Know What a Classroom Looks Like

Betsy DeVos rankled public school teachers Tuesday when she tweeted a picture criticizing classroom structure. The problem? According to teachers, the picture doesn’t accurately reflect what a modern classroom looks like. “Does this look familiar? Students lined up in rows.

Trump Furious at Huckabee Sanders Over Stormy Daniels Remarks

As the Stormy Daniels saga gets even more tangled, President Donald Trump is reportedly wishing press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would do a better job keeping his story straight. At Wednesday’s press conference, Sanders fielded questions about the civil suit Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford.

Hunker Down Trump! A Storm Named Daniels Is Headed For You

Stormy Daniels is bringing this storm: The adult film star sued the president on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court over a nondisclosure agreement that she claims he was supposed to sign but didn’t. 

Missouri Teens Jailed 4 Years For Torturing Kitten

There are a lot of dirtbags in the world, but, for those who abuse an animal, I can only hope there’s a special place in hell.

This is Still the Most Dangerous Food In the Supermarket

In the 1970s, a leading public health scientist called this food “the most dangerous food in the supermarket” due to its link to cancer. Four decades later, the World Health Organization classified processed meats as a group 1 carcinogen based on the conclusions of over 400 studies.

How the Army Failed Over 200 Afghanistan Service Dogs

A damning report finds that the Army failed to do right by some of the more than 200 highly trained, loyal bomb-sniffing dogs that served with US soldiers in Afghanistan, detecting roadside bombs and saving lives, the AP reports.

Swedish Company Retaliates To Trump’s Steel Tariffs By Killing $250 Million U.S. Investment

The international trade war has begun, and Donald Trump has no one to blame but himself. Just a day after Trump announced he would impose new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, Swedish home appliance manufacturer Electrolux said it would indefinitely delay a $250 million investment that had been planned for an existing plant in Springfield,…

Is Russian Doomsday Drone the New ‘Kraken’

In just one day, the suggestions have been pouring in. How about “Kraken” for a new underwater drone capable of blasting coastlines with a powerful nuclear explosion

Idiot Sentenced for Shooting Wife Because ‘there wasn’t enough room in bed’

A 26-year-old Harrison man who was drunk and high on drugs when he shot his sleeping wife because there wasn’t enough room in the bed was sentenced to nine years in prison today. “This is a horrible, sad and senseless case,” Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Roe said at this morning’s sentencing of…

Why Mountain Pooping is Vastly More Complicated Than It Sounds

Our guide to evacuating ethically in the wilderness. Their bags better be full of poop. DepositPhotos Even most casual hikers know to “pack out” their garbage—burying paper products on the trail in the hopes they’ll biodegrade and not cause harm is a naive act. Slightly-less-casual hikers will reluctantly admit that this extends even to used toilet…

Watch Sloth Bear Protect Cub Against Charging Tiger

The video of an angry tiger, fighting with an equally furious bear was captured Wednesday at the Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, India. The fight between a tiger and a sloth bear was captured by Akshay Kumar, chief naturalist at Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge, when he was leading a safari with tourists. The bear, along with…