Dogs: Safe Use of Ivermectin Treatment

I had an especially sad euthanasia appointment a while back. A litter of puppies had eaten feces from several horses that had been dewormed with ivermectin.

Critter Talk: It’s preventive medicine time

Spring is a busy time for veterinarians. For the large animal folks out there, spring means calving/lambing/foaling season (take a look at Dr. Obrien’s related and hilarious post if you haven’t already).

Critter Talk: Evidence of Resistance to Heartworm Drugs Cause for Concern

I am fortunate to have 7 dogs in my family. Three of them are rescues, and the balance are German shepherds. I am very careful to make certain that each and every one of my guys receives the proper diet, exercise, socializing and riding in cars with dad. Heartworm preventative is at the top of the list.

Critter talk: Heartworm season is here and that means cats too

Cats can get heartworms, too and this is why monthly treatments are available to help keep your cats from getting them. Find out how to protect your feline friends right here.

6 ways to stop your dog from dying

Summer can be hard on our four-legged friends so check out these ways to make life better for your pet.

Critter Talk: Heartworms in February? You betcha!

Heartworm infection can kill your dog. Get your pet checked today, even if it is winter. Read this very informative article from our friend Dr. Patty.