American Crazies: The Daily Show Visits Anti-Maskers

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper has made a name for himself by going to various MAGA and MAGA-adjacent events to interview the participants and see what their positions are.

Montana Governor—We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Masks—Has COVID-19

Greg Gianforte, the Montana governor, decided this whole virus thing was just a Democratic plot to overthrow the government.

COVID-19— A Novel Virus That May Live Forever—In You

“Chickenpox is a virus. People have had it, and don’t think about it once the initial illness has passed. But it stays in your body and lives there forever.

Brace Yourselves—You Won’t Like the Latest COVID-19 Predictions

Just two weeks ago, when Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted that the United States could see 100,000 cases of COVID-19 in a day, it seemed like a nightmare.

A New Coronavirus Strain Mutates—It Could Be the Deadliest Yet

It’s looking more and more like something out of the imagination of Stephen King. A new mutant strain of the coronavirus has been discovered.

The Uncontrolled Spread Of COVID19 Is Trump’s Fault

I was told I published fake news. So, I spent the past hour deliberating whether I did, or did not, publish “fake news,” and I concluded I did not.

First Shot Given In Human Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

By all accounts, the world has a long wait before a workable coronavirus vaccine is ready, but a vaccine might be on the horizon.

Coronavirus—ARDS—The Deadly Companion

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is a serious lung disease that results from trauma to the lungs; most often in the form of severe pneumonia.

Coronavirus: Harvard, Kent State, Others Cancel Classes

Harvard University is moving all graduate and undergraduate classes online amid concerns about COVID-19. President Lawrence “Larry” Bacow, said…

Does the Coronavirus Cause Madness?

Ever since I learned that the Coronavirus is scientifically known as Covid-19, I have had a song that is perpetually going around my head.

Iran’s Parliament Decimated By Coronavirus—One Dead

The upper ranks of Iran’s government have been hit with coronavirus according to reporting by USA Today and Iranian state media. 

Bill Gates Worried About ‘Once-in-a-Century Pandemic’

There are lots of liberals out there who hate Bill Gates for one reason: he’s wealthy, something that is anathema to many hard lefties. 

San Francisco Declares Coronavirus State of Emergency

Leave it to California to be ahead of the rest of the country.  San Francisco, which has yet to record a coronavirus case, hasn’t stopped Mayor London Breed.