Disgusting Ted Cruz Forgets History of Conservatives Like Elvis Promoting Vaccines

Recently, the beloved Sesame Street character Big Bird went on television and social media to promote COVID-19 vaccines. For anyone who has been conscious for at least a few years, celebrities—especially ones with larger fanbases amongst the youth of the country—promoting public health initiatives is not surprising. It has been going on forever and ever.

The unforgettable Diana Ross on Oprah!

Diana Ross on Oprah. Watch the video and read the story. It helps make for a good Saturday.

Now That Would Be A Nightmare

I remember when I was a little kid, my parents would dress up my brother and I in pajamas for a fun time at the drive-in movies. It was great because the Drive-In would show 2 movies,the first movie would be for the kids and the second movie would be more for adults.