Your Sunday Morning Cartoon

The FBI raids Rudy’s New York home, and Rudy didn’t like it.

American Airlines Pilot Reports ‘Long, Cylindrical Object Overhead’

Among the things you never want to hear a pilot say to air traffic controllers: “We just had something go right over the top of us.

Trump Threatens To Fire FBI Director Wray After Election

Trump wanted them to concoct the same sort of scandal that then-FBI Director James Comey delivered 11 days before the 2016 election.

FBI Recommends You Reboot Your Routers NOW!

Reboot your internet router now. That’s what the FBI is telling the users of some 500,000 devices believed to be infected with powerful Russian malware capable of intelligence-collecting, software monitoring, and disabling routers, according to the New York Times.

Now Trump Is Calling For the Investigation of FBI Informant

Trump tweeted Saturday evening in apparent response to Friday’s news that an American academic working as an FBI informant met with several members of his 2016 campaign as part of the agency’s then-beginning probe into Russian election meddling.

Trump Trashes Comey As ‘Not Smart’ and Should Be ‘Jailed’

We know he’s certifiable, and each day puts an emphatic point on that observation as Donald Trump went on a Twitter tear against James Comey this morning, just ahead of the former FBI director’s big first interview.

Watch: Rachel Maddow Reads Shocking Excerpts From Comey Book

On last night’s show, MSNBC’s indomitable Rachel Maddow, read captivating passages from A Higher Loyalty, the forthcoming book authored by former FBI Director James Comey, and I’ll wager it sent Mr. Trump right through the roof.

FBI Raids Trump Attorney’s Office Looking For Stormy Daniels Evidence

Federal agents armed with search warrants have seized documents from President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, a defense lawyer said Monday.

As Trump Rejoices McCabe Slams ‘false, defamatory, and degrading’ Attacks

President Trump rejoiced on Twitter Friday night after news broke of the firing of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe:

McCabe Recounts How Trump Was Obsessed With His Wife

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, in an interview with CNN’s Pamela Brown, revealed that President Donald Trump was completely obsessed with McCabe’s wife.

FBI Deputy Director McCabe Responds To Firing

Donald Trump’s thugs were working overtime last night, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, in a continuing effort to distract from the Stormy Daniels investigation and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s obstruction of justice probe.

Why the FBI Ignored the Parkland High School Shooter

My president’s reaction to the shooting goes beyond photographs. He is outraged that the FBI did not prevent the shooting. The young man with a semi-automatic weapon had exhibited clear signs of emotional instability. Those signs had been reported to a federal hotline.