Obama 2012 ! An interview with President John McCain

Think it’s bad now? Just think if John McCain had won the election.

Freshman Republican didn’t know government paid for her health care

You remember those nutty Republicans screeching about the nastiness that is government sponsored health care? Well you gotta read this one to appreciate the hypocrisy.

Republicans waste taxpayer dollars by constitution reading “stunt”

The Republicans wasted no time acting like the fools they are. Not only are they wasting money and time by reading the constitution they are already breaking their promises. Read the full story.

MM Commentary: Those big Republican lies and loyalty to the president

During the last election campaign America was inundated with lies from the Republican Party. If you want to know what they are open the article.

GOP wants Democrats to Help them Repeal Health Care Reform

The Righties want to take away health care and give their corporate masters the opportunity to screw us again.