Martin Luther King no longer a “drum major for justice”

Martin Luther King has long been idolized, not because he was assassinated, but because he was black and assassinated in a time in America when race trumped all other things. Even after his death the truth goes marching on.

Salazar caves to powerful gun lobby

I never liked Ken Salazar, not from the minute of his appointment where he showed up for the ceremony wearing a cowboy hat, to this week where he continues to pander to his gun loving buddies out west.

Judge reluctantly denies challenge to Obama’s wolf killing decree

The president and the congress made a deal with the Republicans: kill the wolves so we can get a budget and move on. The great white hunters of the North will now be allowed to gas the cubs in their dens, shoot them from helicopters, and murder them any way they see fit. Read the latest development.

Gray wolf extermination begins TODAY in Montana and Idaho

Today the wolves are once again under attack, thanks to the Obama administration. Read the sad story of history repeating itself.

Climate change will reduce water supply in American West

Regardless of what the Republicans might see climate change is real and will soon be coming to a neighborhood near you. Read the full story here.

Wolf hunting GOP launches “stealth” attack on endangered species

The Republicans are not known for their care and compassion and no one will ever accuse a Republican of having a warm heart when it comes to our endangered critters. Please read the story and watch the video….

Ken Salazar gets stuck in the California sand

Ken Salazar, America’s cowboy Secretary of the Interior, managed to embarrass us yesterday. Read just how he did it.

Mining the Grand Canyon? Say it ain’t so Mr. Salazar!

I have never trusted Ken Salazar. Maybe it’s because of the cowboy hat he is fond of wearing. In my experience those who wear cowboy hats everywhere are not always good stewards of the environment. Read this story for more.

U.S. approval for world’s largest solar power plant

It’s slow, but it’s happening, alternative energy companies are making headway.