We Need To Have An End To Pancake Politics

Raging against racism is big business, but it’s inconsistent. To some, cornrows or dreadlocks may not be seen on anyone not of African origin

Professor on Leave After Using Chinese Word That Sounded Like Black Slur

A California professor has been replaced for uttering a Chinese word that sounds—in English—like a racist slur.

Liberal Language Board Approved—X Marks the Irony

I first heard the latest mandatory neologism on MSNBC, so you know it’s Liberal Language Board Approved. Latinx.

When Lincoln’s Ghost Is Weeping

English is one of the many subjects I have studied both in higher-ed and as an Autodidact. When I’m not writing “Fuck Trump” screeds, I actually write.

How To Confuse English Speakers With English

Did your mother or grandparents have any phrases that made no sense at all to you? Mine did. I spoke English perfectly well, albeit with a northern accent.

What’s Behind the Curtain?

There are names – secret names behind things and if you know it, you have magic power over that thing or entity. Heard that one? I’ll bet you have. Words not only have power but words precede the reality they have power over. The snake eats its own tail.

Is language allowed in a contest between Chimps and Man?

Go mano-a-mano against a chimpanzee and the chimp wins, hands down – and fingers, testes and face off, but what if……Read this fascinating story right here.

The inexorable evolution of language

Back to Brit Lit. I — Prologue to The Canterbury Tales then and now. Trust me, it is interesting.

The ultimate talking dog!

A brilliant video about a talking dog. Funny! Funny! Funny! Guaranteed you will love it!