A Hurricane in the Making Heads Toward Gulf States

The Gulf of Mexico is bathtub hot these days and that heat is showing up in the number of storms brewing.

Senator Cassidy—Trading Lives For Dollars Is Not Acceptable

The United States Senator from my state—Bill Cassidy—wants us to open up the economy, and the faster the better apparently.

Busted: Warrants Issued For Infamous Pastor Tony Spell

A warrant has been issued for infamous scofflaw Tony Spell, the Louisiana pastor who’s been making headlines for continuing to hold church services.

Camel Sits On Woman—Woman Bites Camel’s Balls

A Florida woman escaped from under a camel by biting its testicles after she crawled into the animal’s pen to rescue her dog and the camel sat on her.

An Open Letter To Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards

Everyone from the conservative troop is saying that the fetus is viable once a heartbeat is detected. How about you ask a doctor?

Why the South Is Least Healthy US Region

A medical student examines a patient during daily rounds at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert Year after year, southern states consistently rank among the worst in the U.S. for health and wellness. This…