In A Rare Event Great White Shark Kills Swimmer Off Maine Coast

In what shark experts say is a tragic first in Maine, a swimmer was killed in a shark attack Monday afternoon. Experts believe it was a Great White.

Maine State Supreme Court Rules in Dog Custody Dispute

In a blow to pet lovers everywhere, Maine’s supreme court has upheld a ruling granting a man sole custody of his dog, denying his ex-girlfriend’s bid.

What Happened To Maine Teacher Kristin Westra?

Authorities in Maine are perplexed by the disappearance of Kristin Westra, an elementary school teacher who disappeared from her North Yarmouth home.

Husband Found Guilty After He Buried Wife With ‘Guilty’ Cologne

Perhaps the “Guilty” fragrance in her grave was a giveaway—because it took only 40 minutes Monday for jurors to decide Luc Tieman killed his wife. “I changed my story a lot,” the Maine man admitted Friday when delivering his own closing arguments in his murder trial.

What Our Animals Must Do To Help Them Adapt To Climate Change

With climate change already impacting their habitats, animals are looking to move north, or up in elevation to escape the heat—but in a lot of cases, we haven’t given them the routes to do so, says Alexander Fremier, a professor at Washington State University’s School of the Environment.