Uh Oh Oklahomans—The Eastern Half Of Your State Is Indian Land

In a 5-4 ruling Thursday, the Supreme Court tells people who reside in what is roughly the eastern half of Oklahoma they’re living on Indian land.

The Rolling Stones Threaten Trump With Legal Action

You can count the Rolling Stones among those unimpressed by Trump’s rally last week in Tulsa, but their rationale has nothing to do with the coronavirus.

Trump Doesn’t Need An Election Boost in Oklahoma, So Why Tulsa?

Donald Trump is heading to Tulsa on Saturday for his first campaign rally in months, and not everyone in the city is happy to hear it.

Oklahoma Gubernatorial Candidate Suggests Euthanizing the Poor and Disabled

While just scanning through some sites I ran across this. Now I know that the politics in Oklahoma are conservative, but this idiot is actually proposing murdering people to keep them off food stamps. This is Trump’s new world folks.

Can We Teach Common Decency To Those Who Grew Up Without It?

Sooner or later it will run its course and the monkeys will stop shrieking and flinging and go back to doing what monkeys do – at least until the cage is rattled again or some monkey news network comes up with something else lucrative. But while we’re raging about this outrage and ignoring the others, it does seem that it’s not only priests going after boys, but politicians.

Trump Supporter and “Family Values” Republican Guilty of Sex Trafficking

Ralph Shortey, former Oklahoma state senator and a county campaign coordinator for President Donald Trump’s campaign last year, will plead guilty to a child sex trafficking offense for soliciting sex from a 17-year-old boy in March.

Oklahoma Homeowner Shoots, Kills 3 Burglars

Males aged 16, 17, 18 years old are dead after they attempted to break into the wrong home in Broken Arrow, Okla., as a 23-year-old resident responded to sounds of a break-in by arming himself with an AR-15 and opening fire.