Can You Help Solve the Horrific Murder of Little Michelle Norris?

It was a beautiful day in May, when Michelle Norris, a precocious seven-year-old, decided to hang with her two brothers at a nearby school playground. After a day of fun, the boys came home but said they lost track of their little sister.

Why is Patrick Kennedy launching anti-pot group?

The Kennedy’s, once America’s chief political dynasty, has become a mere shadow of its former self. This was primarily because of the untimely deaths of its stars, Jack and Bobby, but also because of relative newcomers like Patrick Kennedy.

Brand New Storm Dumps a Foot of Snow on New England

While the republicans and other less educated refuse to accept the truth, part of the climate change dynamic calls for shorter, harsher winters, and in New England the good folk are sure feeling it, as Mother Nature decides to come calling once again in the form of snow, lots of it.

Catholics Harass Teen Atheist Who Won Prayer Fight

A 16-year-old Rhode Island atheist has her heavily Roman Catholic town of 80,000 in an uproar after she successfully sued her school to take down a eight-foot-tall prayer that hung in the school auditorium for 49 years, reports the New York Times.