Christian Titanic Society portrays “real” story of sinking

The Christian Boys’ & Men’s Titanic Society, a project of Vision Forum Ministries, is devoted to portraying the story of the Titanicas it really happened. We stand for the proposition that the strong must sacrifice for the weak, that greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for another, and to the enduring legacy of those men who died that women and children might live

Titanic Anniversary Week on TV: See Times and Dates

The RMS Titanic sank below the icy waters of the north Atlantic in the early-morning hours of April 15, 1912. Now, 100 years later, it’s considered one of the greatest disasters of the 20th century, the basis of one of the biggest movies of the 20th century and the cause of everyone’s problems on “Downton Abbey.”

Southampton Commemorates 100th Anniversary of Titanic

LONDON—Exactly 100 years from the day when the ill-fated Titanic sailed from Southampton, the English port city is paying tribute with a series of events to mark the tragic anniversary.