Jagoff DeSantis Tells Floridians To Just Deal With Covid Variants

There’s little doubt in the minds of most decent Americans that Ron DeSantis is a real jagoff. 

The Grim Reaper Loves COVID’S Favorite Governors

Thousands of motorcycles and their passengers meet the grim reaper in Sturgis and it’s not for a big party…

When A Maskless, Coughing Republican Is No Longer A Threat

Traffic is picking up. I never thought I’d say that’s a good thing, but it is. People are going out. Stores, restaurants are doing business.

A Sunday Morning Cartoon For You

Unthinking folk are actually holding “burn your mask” ceremonies. It’s a dangerous thing to do.

A Thursday Morning Cartoon

It’s time to cancel Covid so get your shot!

The Weird Correlation Between S’Mores and Covid

Public health officials, epidemiologists, are all front and center in looking out for emerging patterns on COVID-19.

Britain’s Boris Johnson Once Again Under Quarantine

It’s a key week for the UK’s Brexit negotiations with Europe, but one of the most important players now won’t be able to attend in person.

Our Monday Morning Cartoon

Is Trump infectious? Do we know? We don’t, but he’s got 4 rallies scheduled for this week. You wouldn’t see me there.

Fauci: More Than 180K Have Died, Not Just 9K, As In Trump Tweet

There have been nearly 185,000 deaths in the US from COVID-19, and Dr. Anthony Fauci is backing up that number.

COVID-19— A Novel Virus That May Live Forever—In You

“Chickenpox is a virus. People have had it, and don’t think about it once the initial illness has passed. But it stays in your body and lives there forever.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Headed To Rural America—And Rural America Needs To Get Ready

As Donald Trump declares victory, pushing for an end to pandemic control measures even while acknowledging it will cause many more Americans to die.

Melania Trump Is Doing What Her Husband Is Too Narcissistic To Do

After catching some criticism for not mentioning the coronavirus in a March speech, the first lady has increased her engagement on the issue.