When Donald Trump Meets Aliens

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I wasn’t certain what I was looking at. It appeared to be a shooting star with a tail, like a comet. Astronomy isn’t even close to my strong suit, so I had no idea what that meant. Was it headed for us like in that movie “Don’t Look Up?” Was the government keeping it from us? Were we all going to die? Well, of course, we are up later, not sooner.

As I stared at this object, it abruptly stopped moving. It couldn’t be a comet. Nor was it a heavenly body. It had to be man-made, didn’t it? Everyone knew there was no such thing as UFOs, right? It suddenly started moving again, this time straight down toward us. I realized I was frightened, particularly when the radio stopped playing and the car stopped running, just like in the movies when a UFO is around. Remember Close Encounters?

For the first time, I noticed the other cars. They were all stopped; their passengers looking up, looking at this flying machine and hoping it wouldn’t harm us. It got closer and closer, visible now, with lights all around it, stringing the circular bottom just like in Close Encounters. The sight was mesmerizing and terrifying at the same time.

The air grew heavy, filled with anticipation and fear. I could hear the collective gasps and murmurs of the people around me. We were all trapped in a moment of paralyzed uncertainty. What were its intentions? Why was it here? As the UFO descended, these questions echoed in my mind, its massive size becoming more apparent with every passing second.

The lights on the UFO intensified, casting an eerie glow upon the surroundings. It seemed to be a metallic behemoth, its shape resembling a colossal disc suspended in the air. The atmosphere crackled with otherworldly energy, and a sense of impending doom hung in the air like a thick fog.

As it hovered above us, the ground trembled beneath its weight. Panic ensued as people scattered, seeking shelter wherever they could. The once bustling streets were empty except for the abandoned vehicles and the remnants of human presence.

I found myself frozen in place, unable to tear my gaze away from the looming threat above. The realization dawned on me that this was not a mere visitation. The UFO was here with a purpose, and it harbored a deadly, inevitable force should it have to use it.

Without warning, the circular bottom of the UFO opened, revealing a blinding light that engulfed everything in its path. A wave of intense heat swept across the area, causing buildings to crumble and disintegrate any semblance of normalcy. It was as if the very fabric of our existence was being torn apart.

In the midst of the chaos, I managed to glimpse the interior of the ship. The sight was astonishing—a parliament of apes stood at the helm, led by their leader, Jelal. They were not what we expected, not the hostile invaders we imagined. Jelal’s eyes held a wisdom that surpassed our own, and it was clear that their mission had originally been peaceful.

Jelal communicated with his fellow apes, conveying a message of sorrow and regret. It was revealed that their visit was intended to establish a connection, to bring knowledge and harmony to our planet. However, the bumbling actions of the American leader, Donald Trump, driven by fear, misunderstanding, and plain stupidity, had set off a defensive mechanism in the UFO, triggering a catastrophic display of power.

The destruction continued unabated, a consequence of Donald Trump’s inability to see beyond our preconceived notions. Trump and Jelal had met, and the former’s ignorance resulted in a war the like of which the world had never seen. It was a war initiated by a fool’s folly.

Before something like this happens, Mr. Trump must be locked away so he can no longer hurt us. Lock him up.

—Michael J. Scott

Featured Image: MovieWeb

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Professor Mike

Professor Mike is a left-leaning, dog loving, political junkie. He has written dozens of articles for Substack, Medium, Simily, and Tribel. Professor Mike has been published at Smerconish.com, among others. He is a strong proponent of the environment, and a passionate protector of animals. In addition he is a fierce anti-Trumper. Take a moment and share his work.
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Tall Stacey
11 months ago

Trump’s inability is to see beyond his own interests. Aliens or not, he has already divided and conquered what was our united society.
Lock him up!

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