5 Terrifying Places Haunted By Animals From the Other Side

We think of ghosts as the spirits of deceased humans, not animals. But spooky spots all over the world are famous for being haunted by cats, dogs, and other eerie creatures that took “play dead” a little too seriously.

The Smurl Family Haunting: A Nightmare On Chase Street

From 1974 to 1987, the family Smurls claim they were at the mercy of ghosts. Their story involves journalists, demonologists, and the Roman Catholic Church.

Tormented Souls: The Haunted Battleground of Cold Harbor

One of the last major skirmishes of the Civil War, Cold Harbor was considered a disproportionate bloodbath with Grant’s Union Army virtually torn apart by General Lee’s men.

The Terrifying Ghosts of Franklin Castle

Its official name is the Tiedemann House; locals call it Franklin Castle. For decades, the structure has been plagued by tales of secret passages, brutal murder, and restless spirits lingering in its empty halls.

The Hair-Raising Haunting of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

We turned and saw a huge black mass pulsating on the sidewalk a few yards in front of us. The dark figure lunged forward and came barreling toward us!

The Blood-Soaked History and Haunting of Ireland’s Leap Castle

One of the castle’s eerier spirits is known as the Elemental, a mysterious figure with a decomposing face and a putrid stench. Mildred Darby, who married into the Darby clan in the late-1800s, came face to face with the Elemental numerous times while living at Leap.