Whiskey and the Ghostly Closet

The nightly ritual had been repeating itself like clockwork. Every day at exactly 0203, Whiskey, a no-nonsense Belgian Malinois, would awaken from his slumber and break into a cacophony of growls and barks. Propelled by some unseen force, he would race up the stairs towards the closet.

Telling the Story of Whiskey’s Ghost

I’m in the process of penning a story about the ghost that seems to haunt my home, and my Belgian Malinois.

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The issue of “ghost forests” is a familiar one to climate researchers. The term refers to rising sea levels which encroach forests.

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First, there was  Amityville Horror the movie, followed up by the real “Amityville Horror”—and the man behind the latter is now dead.

Why Believing In Ghosts Can Make You a Better Person

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