What time New Year’s Day Bowl Games?

If you’re on auto-pilot New Year’s Day morning after having fun the night before like most of America, you will stumble over to your TV and turn it on expecting to see the dazzling floats and energetic marching bands of the 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade.

MadMikesAmerica salutes its partners and friends

We would like to take this opportunity to salute just a few of our many friends and partners.

MadMike’sAmerica’s Top 20 Stories of 2011

MadMike’sAmerica top 20 most viewed stories for 2011.

Man Killed By Train Sued By Bystander Hit By Body Parts

“So you had a bad day,” as the song starts out. Well, yours had to be better than did Hiroyuki Joho back in 2008 as he was hurrying to some unknown destination on a rainy day in Chicago.

Have a Sober New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and already the cab companies and AAA are advertising their low cost or free rides for people who can’t stand up.

In space where would planets find water?

Throughout 2011 there was a string of breathless news stories about astronomers finding extrasolar planets in the habitable zones surrounding their stars.

The story of the Giant Oarfish

Regalecus glesne, or more commonly known as the Giant Oarfish or the King Of Herrings, is quite possibly the longest living fish and certainly the longest living bony-fish. The debate stems from the fact that the first Giant Oarfish to be encountered was a specimen that had washed up in Scotland in 1808.

Coming soon: Van Gogh’s Missing Ear

The psychologist, Frank Xavier Barron, who spent most of his career studying creativity and personality said, “The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person.”

Rutgers Thumps Iowa State in Pinstripe Bowl

Chas Dodd hit Brandon Coleman for an 86-yard touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter and Jawan Jamison ran for two scores to lead Rutgers over Iowa State 27-13 in the Pinstripe Bowl on Friday.

Jesus fanatic Tim Tebow fined for infamous billboard

You might remember hearing about the “Play Tebow” billboard that appeared in Denver back in September. Now you’ll hear the rest of the story.

Did Apple’s iPhone Siri tell boy to STFU?

For all the kind and helpful advice that Apple’s Siri personal assistant gives out, don’t ever catch it on a bad day, or it’ll tell you off in ways your mother would not approve.

Gingrich sheds crocodile tears at campaign event

While stumping in Iowa, Nasty Newt Gingrich showed some rather uncharacteristic emotion.

Russell Brand, Katy Perry UNTYING the knot

Russell Brand is divorcing Katy Perry after 14 months of what appeared to be a storybook marriage.

Critter Talk: Canine Influenza

The virus that causes dog flu, Influenza Type A (H3N8), was first identified in Florida in 2004. It primarily infects the respiratory system and is extremely contagious.