American Libertarianism: Stupid, Selfish and Mean

Being a self-respecting individual, I don’t consider myself a libertarian any more. In our time, especially here in America, libertarianism has morphed into something ugly. It has become the philosophy of choice of the Republican party, and a justification for an attitude that is stupid, selfish and mean.

The delicate art of balancing passion with thought

Confessions of a Homo sapiens who is attempting to be with his thoughts and passions without being ruled by the two.

Gun Control and Adam Lanza’s Assault Rifle

The end of the world was supposed to be on December 21st. December 14th felt more like it. On December 14th, Adam Lanza went on a mass killing spree that left twenty children and six adults dead in Newtown, Connecticut, and left a nation grieving with a crushed heart.

Digital Rage: Don’t Engage the Crazy

Anonymity and incivility on the high seas of the cyber-sphere. Don’t say things on the internet you wouldn’t say straight to someone’s face.

George Zimmerman, Presumption Of Innocence And Mob Mentality

With all the media coverage surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, and the local Florida law enforcement’s handling of the matter, it’s impossible not to feel that something is amiss.

They Want To Destroy Public Education

To give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe politicians really want what is best for our children, but are themselves failing at the education business. Or, is there an ulterior motive?

A Nation of Dupes

I will never understand how so many people have been duped into believing that private insurance companies’ profit margins are more important than their own health.

Coming soon: Van Gogh’s Missing Ear

The psychologist, Frank Xavier Barron, who spent most of his career studying creativity and personality said, “The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person.”

North Koreans mournfully weeping the loss of a despot (video)

After the news of the death of their dear leader, Kim Jong-il, North Koreans sobbed and wept inconsolably, all for the loss of a mad man as shown in this footage courtesy of North Korean state controlled media.

Newt Gingrich attacks judicial branch as “un-American” (Video)

Newt’s latest wild idea is to abolish the judiciary, at least the parts he doesn’t like and deems “un-American.”

It’s time for occupiers to tighten up their message

Surely there is someone among the occupy movement who knows something about marketing and public relations.

Brownback learns hard way, teenage girls can be bad asses

I happen to know from experience that a strong-willed, free-thinking teenage girl is a formidable opponent, and not to be trifled with in a heavy-handed manner. I am the father of one.

Robert Krulwich: The truth about Thanksgiving and turkeys (Can you handle it?)

Robert Krulwich debunks myths about the first Thanksgiving and how the turkey came to be the meat of choice on the Thanksgiving supper table.