The Inuit and the Priest

Here is a little graphic outlining one of the many questions the Inuit asked the priest.

Crazy Christians Still Waiting for Armageddon

Waiting for Armageddon is a frightening documentary that speaks to the fervent belief of America’s 20 million Evangelical Christians that the Rapture is coming.

Republican Lawmakers Are Still Trying to Ban Abortion

Crazy Republican legislators all over the country are bringing abortion rights back into the spotlight—much to the chagrin of the GOP leaders in Washington, who think the issue was part of the reason Romney lost among women by 11 points.

Can My Dog Catch a Cold?

Did you know that it could be your dog that comes down with a cold?

Thousands of Flights Canceled Ahead of Massive Blizzard

The huge blizzard barreling toward the Northeast is still on track to literally bury New England and New York City later today, reports AP.

Black Family Sues Disney Over Racist Rabbit

According to their lawsuit, the Black family, who are actually black, went to Disneyland and got shunned by the big White Rabbit—seriously.