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Astronomers Detect Puzzling Deep Space Signal

Astronomers have discovered of a mysterious, powerful deep space signal that may have been generated by an alien civilization. Scientists with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) discovered the signal in May, 2015, with the RATAN-600 radio telescope in Russia. The blog Centauri Dreams obtained a document from SETI that confirmed the signal. The blog also…

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Glenn R. Geist
5 years ago

Without faster than light travel, it’s moot. We’d be more likely to be destroyed by some cosmic event than by aliens, besides — Trump promises to build a wall. . .

5 years ago

[…] Astronomers Detect Puzzling Deep Space Signal […]

Glenn R. Geist
5 years ago

OPne problem is that we’re looking for something specific and maybe ignoring things that don’t fit the pattern, but even if there are billions of civilizations in the universe, it’s a damn big universe and old too. Maybe most of those are long gone, maybe 99.9% of those have no interest in sending signals into space. Would water breathing creatures have developed radio at all? Who knows. Existence is stranger than we give it credit for.

We indeed are discovering “earth like” planets, but as we’re learning much of what we are has everything to do with peculiar features of our planet, like an extra big iron core and a huge moon and a huge outer planet so soak up asteroids and probably a few features we haven’t considered yet.

Nobody would like to hear a bona fide extra terrestrial more than I would, but you know, the Trumpers would be telling us it’s the mud men from Beta Eridani 3 paying to play with the Clinton Foundation./

Timmy Mahoney
Reply to  Glenn R. Geist
5 years ago

I think it’s a bad idea for us to be broadcasting signals to deep space. We don’t know who might pick up that phone.