Kids Between 10-19 Extremely Contagious

We may have been kidding ourselves about the likelihood of children spreading the coronavirus. children under 10 do give the virus to others.

Sheriff: 3 Men Going Fishing Killed in ‘Horrific Scene’

Three friends on their way to go fishing were beaten and shot to death in a grisly scene in the backwoods of Florida the sheriff is calling a massacre.

GOP Senators Mourn John Lewis Except It Wasn’t John Lewis

They appeared heartbroken, these towering icons of love and compassion.  Rubio himself, appeared on the edge of tears as he mourned.

Your Sunday Morning Cartoon

Trump and DeVos have threatened to cut funds if public schools don’t follow their demands to fully reopen to in-person classroom instruction in the fall.

What Is Your Awesome and Comprehensive COVID-19 Plan?

So for those just thoroughly disgusted with pretty much every move made during the pandemic, and I know there are a lot out there, what’s your plan?