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2 years ago

[…] explores in cartoon format why President Biden’s poll numbers have been going down. […]

Bill Formby
2 years ago

Glenn, I actually think that, at this point, the Mafia is more of a democracy than the rest of the country. At least they would have whacked Trump based on his constant lies. It would have been like when Bugsy was sent to Vegas to set up the Flamingo and screwed it up. Trump went to Washington and screwed it up. Time for him to go,,,. permanently!!

2 years ago

It’s almost always republicans who refuse to get vaccinated, block vaccination laws and block rational laws for gun control. It’s like the kid with cookie crumbs in his face blaming everyone else for the empty cookie jar.

Glenn R Geist
2 years ago

Unfortunately, that’s how America thinks – if you can call it that. None of the things that presidents get blamed for by their allies and enemies ever have much to do with things they have control over. Things like gas prices none the less carry great weight. But I’m past caring since we are no longer a democracy and we choose leaders the way the Mafia does.

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