Monster Quakes Detected On Mars

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Mars is a deserted landscape, bitterly cold and as dry as the red dust that layers its surface. The red planet is bathed in cosmic radiation, and the surface is dead. Mars is not forgiving. No life is allowed, at least not life as we know it. What exists beneath that frozen exterior, however, is a mystery.

Chapter 1: The Unsettling Discovery

Dr. Emily Thompson is a pretty brunette with bright blue eyes. She prefers blue jeans to dresses and eschewed pants and suits. Today, she wore a pair of Wranglers and a bright red shirt. She made for quite the picture. It was Tuesday, and Monday had been a holiday. She and her husband, Mickey, must have had more than one or two G&Ts because she was hungover.

She was nursing her headache in a dimly lit room at the Mars Seismology Center. Her eyes were glued to the instrument readings on her triple-monitor setup. At first, she wasn’t sure what she was seeing. The data scrolling across the screen made little sense. The spikes were off the charts, and yet no meteor strikes had been recorded. She glanced at her colleague, Dr. Raj Patel, a serious man who spoke very little. Today, however, he was chattering away a mile a minute, pointing at the computer screens. Apparently, he was almost as disturbed by what he saw as Emily.

“Raj, this can’t be right. Could these quakes be coming from inside Mars itself?”

Raj, an expat from New Delhi, looked up, his unshaven face etched with concern and something else. Something Emily hadn’t seen before: fear.

“I know, Emily. I know. The seismographs are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Almost as if,” he took a deep breath, “as if the quake magnitude is deliberate. That can’t be. There’s no life on Mars. None. It’s uninhabitable. Right? Right?”

Emily, deep in concentration, looked up and shook her head, trying to dismiss the absurd thought that flashed through her mind. “You’re not suggesting —. “

“I am,” Raj interrupted. “What if there’s something — or someone — inside Mars? What if these aren’t natural phenomena at all?”

He was looking directly at her now, occasionally glancing at the seismograph. He waited for her to dismiss him with a wave, even with a laugh, yet she didn’t.

Chapter 2: The Skeptics

Emily said, “We must get these to the general now. This needs to be investigated.”

“Yes. That would make sense and would be the right thing to do, but he will want to know how we know this. He’ll want to see the data. The evidence; he will need the evidence.”

He was looking expectantly at his colleague and friend of 20 years. She was chewing her lip and staring at the monitors when she answered him:

“You know that fool won’t believe us. No. We need to have proof. Evidence. When we have that, we will take it to him.”

Raj had agreed this was what they needed to do, so they spent days compiling their findings. Armed with data and a growing sense of urgency, they presented their report to a panel of top scientists, government officials, and military personnel. Those in the room were openly raising their eyes to heaven, clearly filled with skepticism and incredulity.

“Aliens? Really?” scoffed General Brenn, an overweight, 60-ish man with a chest full of ribbons and the highest-ranking member of the Space Force. “Let me get this straight. You expect us to believe that Martians are preparing to attack Earth based on a couple of blips of shaky data?”

Emily gritted her teeth and tried hard to avoid biting her tongue. She was struggling to maintain her composure. “General, the data is consistent and verifiable. We can’t just ignore this.”

“How the hell is it verifiable? Dr. Thompson, I’ve been around for a while, and in my world, ‘verifiable’ means just that. How, again, is it verifiable? Did you make a side trip to Mars that none of us knew about?” asked the general with a visible shake of his bald head.

For a moment, there was silence, and then the room erupted into laughter. General Brenn dismissed their claims as ludicrous. Emily and Raj left the meeting, their reputations tarnished but their resolve unbroken.

Chapter 3: The Unlikely Alliance

Feeling defeated but unwilling to give up, Emily and Raj found an unlikely ally in Professor Alex Turner. Intrigued by their research, Alex used his connections to secure confidential military satellite time to focus on Mars.

The images were shocking: enormous underground caverns lit up, revealing advanced machinery and what appeared to be troop formations. The caverns were so large they could easily house entire cities. In the center of them, huge ships were in various states of departure. They strongly resembled the stereotypical UFO or flying saucer.

“We need to act,” Alex said, his voice tinged with urgency. “Time is running out.”

Chapter 4: The Imminent Threat

“Wait! What?”

Emily’s half startled Raj. He half turned in his chair to see Emily, her face pale, clutching her headphones.

“They are coming.”

“How do you know that? Did you crack their code?”

The language was unlike any on Earth, but the tone was unmistakable: militant and menacing. They worked day and night to decode the language but could not translate.

Weeks later, they were still working on it when a news report showed a video purported to be that of a UAP or unexplained aerial phenomenon. Historically, pictures of such objects were either grainy or faked. No one had ever managed to get a clear picture of a UAP, except for those navy pilots, but even then, what they were witnessing was hard to make out.

“This might be what we need to convince those idiots on the third floor that we need to prepare for ‘something’ coming from Mars,” said Emily.

“Once our satellites start tracking it, perhaps they will believe us,” Emily said, her voice tinged with desperation.

With no other options, the trio decided to hack into the global emergency broadcast system, sending out a warning to the world. As they prepared to hit the “send” button, the room trembled.

“It’s starting,” Raj whispered.

Chapter 5: The Final Stand

As the world plunged into chaos, Emily, Raj, and Alex were arrested for causing mass hysteria. But as they sat in their holding cell, they felt the Earth tremor again — this time, far more violently.

Suddenly, the cell door burst open, and General Williams stood there, his face ashen. “You were right. We’ve just detected a massive fleet emerging from Mars, heading straight for Earth. You’re our only hope.”

Freed and vindicated, the trio joined the world’s top scientists and military strategists. Armed with their unique knowledge, they developed a last-ditch plan to counter the Martian invasion. It was a gamble, but it was the only shot they had.

As the Martian fleet entered Earth’s atmosphere, a network of satellites emitted a high-frequency pulse, targeting the alien ships and disabling them. The Earth trembled one last time as the Martian fleet disintegrated, burning up in the atmosphere.


The world hailed Emily, Raj, and Alex as heroes, but the trio knew the applause would be short-lived. As they looked up at the night sky, they couldn’t shake the feeling that the tremors of Mars were a warning — a reminder that the universe is far more mysterious and terrifying than anyone could imagine.

And somewhere, deep within the red planet, the Martians were regrouping, their eyes set on that distant blue dot, vowing to return.

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Glenn Geist
6 months ago

This was scheduled for Oct 30, wasn’t it?

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