The Inevitable Ticking Clock

If I were to write a detailed summary of what I think of Ron DeSantis, it would be lengthy. I saw what I expected: it was a request for money

Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse Released on Bond

Kyle Rittenhouse posted a $2 million bond, got out of jail, and wasted little time in hanging around with an odd bit of Hollywood history.

History Will Be Whitewashed Again With Ignorance and Greed

It’s been said that the most extreme BLM supporters aren’t black. I don’t know that one way or another, but it’s likely.

Premier League Football, Black Lives Matter and Britain’s Out Of Touch Elite

Players have been wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ badges on their shirts. They’ve also been ‘taking the knee’ before every game.

Our Monday Morning Cartoon

Word has it that Trump secretly loves BLM, but even that’s a lie, in all respects.

BLM UK Continue To Increase Racial Tensions

I suppose BLM UK had to do something as most, excepting the political Left, were ignoring their antics which is good for the country.

Black Lives Matter Chicago Uses Slavery As Excuse To Riot and Loot

Even those who don’t remember his name remember Willie ‘the actor’ Sutton, who when asked why he robbed banks said…

Black Lives Matter: The Right Side of History

It was a chilly, drizzly Sunday morning. I was not attending worship services. Not this Sunday, not after the cancellation of service.

Black Lives Matter Makes No Friends By Destroying Our Statues

It’s challenging to imagine how life would have been in Britain during the battle thereof without Winston Churchill, but that was then.

Does Being Black Excuse Your Behavior?

Armed police turned up at a black woman’s house recently, in Britain. They had received a report of a young black man with a gun.

Your Sunday Morning Cartoon

Trump and DeVos have threatened to cut funds if public schools don’t follow their demands to fully reopen to in-person classroom instruction in the fall.

An Englishman Wants To Know Who Are the Real Racists?

Black Lives Matter, is often dismissed by those who do not support them, as Marxists. Indeed, they appear quite happy to propagate this image.

Legendary ‘Rule Britannia’ Might Be Banned From Proms

A BBC music columnist stated that “crudely jingoistic songs like ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘Land Of Hope And Glory’ should be scrapped.

‘It’s OK To Be White’ Posters Creating Controversy In the UK

I’m white and perfectly OK with it. I feel absolutely zero guilt being white. Slavery? The British Empire? Don’t care. Nothing to do with me. History happened.