Eight Little Known Historical Facts

History is the knowledge of the human past that, once discovered, is investigated and documented. Most of us know about world wars.

Climate Change Bringing More Storms, Rain, Wildfires, Droughts

Puerto Rico is once again ‘in the eye’ of the storm, and it’s called Dorian.  This tight but powerful tropical storm, is expected to become a hurricane.

Top 10 Tips For Calming Your Dog’s July 4th Fireworks Fears

Some dogs are tougher are not afraid of bangs and booms, but many are, and they rely on you to help them when their normally quiet world turns into a war zone. See these helpful tips for caring for your dog this fourth of July.

The SS United States: A Sinking Ship

We’re stuck with this one. We can’t sell our shares and walk away and even if the company is losing a fortune, the preferred stock interests and perhaps even the competitors are keeping the officers in power. What will it all be worth in 2020? Will there be dividends or only executive bonuses?  What about mergers and acquisitions? Does the future involve bananas?  I’m not sure I want to know.

Watch: A Diverse and Divided Britain

The video included in this article may help Americans understand, at least a little, the antipathy or worse that so many Brits have towards immigration in general and Islam in particular. The USA is very good with immigrants.

An Englishman Scolds Anti-Trump Americans

You know what America? Stop whinging. You’re giving the world earache. Donald Trump IS your President. It isn’t anyone else’s fault. Your version of democracy landed you with him so just buckle up, learn the British stiff upper lip method and get on with it!

Britain’s Brexit: Are We Nearly There Yet?

“Are we nearly there yet?” The dreaded cry from the back seat of the car from the bored kids ten minutes into the journey. We’ve all said it as kids haven’t we? We’ve all had it said to us by our kids, haven’t we? Well, it isn’t bored kids saying it from the back seat of the car now it’s us, the British people.

Why Does North Korea Hate the United States?

North Koreans are taught from a young age to hate the United States.  The streets are decorated with gigantic billboards depicting NK missiles devastating US cities.  The people of this poverty-stricken nation have long been brainwashed into believing America is responsible for all the problems it faces.

Stop Being Conned By the Regressive Right

Stripping a man of his constitutionally ordained duty so you can put an anti-abortionist in the Supreme Court is pretty rude. Calling a man’s children “apes,” and “Monkeys” is pretty rude. Calling his wife an “ape in heels” is worse than just rude. Eight years of lying about a man’s birthplace is rude.

Young Americans: Every Race In Its Own Place?

One has to stop and wonder just how many people are actually behind things we read about that appear to be movements or trends, but even to a skeptic, the touchiness of young Americans seems comically excessive and puzzlingly irrational.