Help us build the Foxtionary.

An incredibly entertaining, funny and very liberal twitterer named Shoq, his website is here, has created what he calls a Foxtionary (or Foxionary). Below are the Foxisms he has created so far. Please, feel free to add to this wonderful bit of fun by giving us your interpretations of how to understand all the bs and bravado spewed on a daily basis by those poor sots that work for Fox News (or Faux Noise).

Earth Wobble: Astronomy Professor Fixes Zodiac

Hey cool cat, what’s your sign?

Is This the End of Sarah Palin?

Has Palin finally tarnished her luster with her thoughtless remarks about the Giffords shooting, or will she turn this into yet another opportunity to play the victim?

Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard to Muslims: Live with our beliefs or get out

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is alleged to have infuriated the country’s rather large immigrant population including its many Muslims, by making a hate filled speech. Read the full article for the real story…

Extra! Extra! Unnamed Source Dishes on Celebrity Scandal!

Hats off to Unnamed Source, that indispensable resource for reporters of celebrity gossip.

We’re Number One in guns owned by individuals world-wide.

You might think this is as it should be, but it’s not. When you consider that the United States only holds five percent of the worlds population, the fact that american civilians own 35-50 percent of the World’s guns is sobering. This means that for every 100 civilian Americans, 83-97 own small arms.

Do the Pashto call for civility? If they did, would we listen?

Dehumanization isn’t only a Republican trait.

Westboro Hate-Mongers Exempt from Paying Taxes

Here’s something revolting to consider. If you pay your taxes to the federal government, then in a round about way, you support the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. How’s that?

How small we really are

Earth is so tiny compared to the giants of the Cosmos, so small we don’t even register.

Yandex – The biggest search engine you’ve never heard of

Yandex – Ever heard of it? Nor me, until today. The biggest search engine in Russia and the 8th largest in the world.

Musings From the Edge: Two Answers

I will admit that I don’t have much faith in my fellow humans and I figure that most of you cheated but here are the answers anyway.

Musings From The Edge: Two Tough Questions

OK, rules. You know up front there has to be a gotcha somewhere in this, right?

Loughner Friend Explains Alleged Gunman’s Grudge Against Giffords

A friend of murderer Jared Loughner offers some insight into the twisted mind of the Tuscon killer. Read the full story for more….

Howard Stern calls Sarah Palin a …

Howard Stern goes nuts at Sarah Palin.