UK rugby club fireworks linked to deadly British crash

Motorway fireball: At least seven dead and 51 injured in horrific crash on M5 described as ‘worst ever seen by emergency services’

Liberals attack Herman Cain-Who are the bigots now?

Attacks on Herman Cain show it’s the left that are the bigots.

Commentary: Sarah Palin, Paul Revere and the quest for truth and understanding

A commentary on how we deceive ourselves over politics, and God only knows what else.

Mad Mike’s America-This Week In Weird!

Welcome to your Weekly Installment of Weird News! Another weird week just passed. Every Sunday, Mad Mike’s America shares tidbits of oddities and bizarre events we collect and bring to you.

Pope’s Publisher Publishing Porn

Normally the principle of the the three “P’s” Publisher, Publishing, Porn, wouldn’t raise any eyebrows unless that publisher is owned by the Pope of Rome, as in this case.

Who won the LSU – Alabama game?

Who won the game between Alabama and LSU? Find out here.